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Calculate bonded bonded warehouse space utilization

  • 2022-12-09 12:03:29

1, Working out the total bonded warehouse storage area

Obtain the total area (square feet) of the selected bonded warehouse minus the space not used for storage, including offices and restrooms. Multiply the remaining area by the height of the bonded warehouse.

2, Working out the maximum storage capacity

Multiply the length and width of the external dimensions of each tray holder. Continue multiplying this number by the total number of pallet shelves in the bonded warehouse.

3, Determine the potential storage capacity

The maximum storage capacity divided by the total storage area multiplied by 100. Ideally, you should get a result of 22%-27%, which indicates that there is enough room for bonded warehouse workers to move around.

4, Calculate the final storage space

Calculate the total capacity of all products and divide it by the maximum storage capacity. Multiply that number by 100.

This will give you a rough idea of how much bonded warehouse space you need to store your goods. This ensures that you use space efficiently and are less likely to spend money on wasted storage.

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