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Does your business need a bonded warehouse?

  • 2022-11-22 11:37:54
Here are the three reasons that  why you should need a bonded warehouse. 
1) Improved Your cash flow of your company
Paying taxes after you receive your order has a positive impact on cash flow. Keep the goods in a bonded warehouse and pay import duties only when the goods enter the Chinese market. So you don't have to lose money by paying taxes up front when you don't have a sales guarantee to recoup your costs. In LIDA bonded warehouses, goods are treated as duty suspended, so that we can avoid paying duties in advance on products that may be in stock for a long time.

2) No import duty involoved if you are exporting the goods
If you need to re-sell your goods to another country, keeping your goods in LIDA bonded warehouse means you don't have to pay any taxes on re-exports, saving time and money. What's more, if your goods are no longer for sale and need to be destroyed, you don't have to pay import duty.

3) Save logistics cost
LIDA bonded warehouse is very close to the port, which means your goods can be quickly moved into the bonded warehouse and started selling for your order. This can reduce the cost of the supply chain as a whole, because it significantly shortens the lead time and reduces potential damage, saving shipping costs and losses overall.

In Shenzhen, we are authorized to operate bonded warehouses, which means that our customers can enjoy the above benefits through us, as well as realize the rapid transfer and sale of goods. 

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