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  • LIDA Bonded warehouse in China
    • November 22. 2022

    LIDA Bonded Warehouse LIDA bonded warehouse is a place where dutiable imported goods are stored. Bonded warehouses are designed to help shippers better manage their goods and cash flow, and give them time to prepare for distribution and better manage finances. Goods can be stored in LIDA bonded warehouse for a long time (with no storage time limit) without paying duty. During storage, you can do t...

  • Does your business need a bonded warehouse?
    • November 22. 2022

    Here are the three reasons that  why you should need a bonded warehouse.  1) Improved Your cash flow of your company Paying taxes after you receive your order has a positive impact on cash flow. Keep the goods in a bonded warehouse and pay import duties only when the goods enter the Chinese market. So you don't have to lose money by paying taxes up front when you don't have a sales guara...

  • What is a bonded warehouse for?
    • June 06. 2022

    Bonded warehouses in China are equipped with many functions. You should keep an eye on the following points: 1.Storage This is the basic function for a bonded warehouse all over the world. Generally, there are storehouses for all types of inventory ready to deliver around China or other western countries. 2.Quick shipping For your quick loading, all convenient facilities are out there for you to u...

  • What is a bonded warehouse?
    • May 23. 2022

    Bonded warehouses are very popular in foreign trade activities. And it is a crucial part in the trade. A bonded warehouse is a secure and reliable place where imported goods which are prepared for export can be stored without actually entering the market. It is clear that goods stored in the bonded warehouses are not liable for customs duties and VAT. Therefore, bonded warehouses are simply duty-f...

  • What is the definition of B2B Order Fulfillment?
    • April 28. 2022

    B2B Order Fulfillment is relatively more complicated than B2C in some cases. B2B(business-to-business) order fulfillment is the relationship between wholesale suppliers and retailers where bulk orders will continuously supply products or goods timely. In B2B order fulfillment, products will be delivered to businesses or a retailer directly. Usually, B2B fulfillment is characterized by considerably...

  • Bonded warehouses in China
    • July 02. 2020

    Bonded warehouses in China Learn more about the bonded warehouse (LIDA bonded warehouse) in China, and learn how it relates/ benefit to the warehousing, storage, packing, shipping service and the order fulfillment for your goods in China. Key Points: (1) Companies could use bonded warehouses in China to store their oversea products without duty/Tax and import licenses involved. (2) Companies could...

  • Five Advantages of LIDA Bonded Warehouses
    • October 17. 2022

    1. Long Term Storage in LIDA bonded warehouse LIDA bonded warehouse are workable for the long Time storage in China. In The LIDA bonded warehouse, The goods can be stored for more than 5 years  with Duties free. 2. Deferred Duties The Best useable thing with the LIDA bonded warehouse is that it saves your costs.  When goods are imported and stored in LIDA bonded warehouse, you would not ...

  • What is warehousing service?
    • June 27. 2022

    Warehousing service is a crucial part that allows businesses to manage the distribution of goods to their customers. Warehousing the goods safely and securely in an organized way will make it easier to track the item's location, when the items arrived and the quantity of the goods in hand. In fact, warehousing services are not just involved in holding goods in a storage facility. Many warehousing ...

  • The strengths of cooperating with bonded warehouses
    • May 23. 2022

    Working with a bonded warehouse will be helpful for companies to safely and legally deliver their goods to customers. The goods stored in the bonded warehouses are well taken care of and documented. There are some strengths of a bonded warehouse: 1. Duty and tax payments can be deferred or avoided It is possible for you to defer VAT payment and other duty taxes in bonded warehouses until the goods...

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