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  • How does the bonded warehouse in China work?
    • June 06. 2022

    Bonded warehouses in China work like other warehouses. Here are basic steps that indicate how the bonded warehouses work: 1.Collecting inventory The first and foremost step is receiving inventory from your suppliers. The staff of bonded warehouses in China will collect the stock from your suppliers. They are all active in this aspect. 2.Storage for a specific period You can store your goods for lo...

  • Looking for a suitable bonded warehouse in China
    • May 23. 2022

    LIDA is providing some logistics services. LIDA has a bonded warehouse in China. It is located in Futian Bonded Area. Storing your goods in our bonded warehouse, you will get more convenience and favour. If you are exporting goods to China, then using a bonded warehouse in China is a no-brainer. Cooperating with LIDA's bonded warehouse won't have to pay any import-duty on products you export, help...

  • Finding the right B2B order fulfillment partner
    • May 07. 2022

    Finding the correct B2B order fulfillment partner for your business is very crucial. Here, at LIDA fulfillment, you will get the perfect services for every order. LIDA has worked on B2B order fulfillment service for 10 years. So LIDA has great competition to win over customers. In addition, we provide the best inventory management in a flexible way and every customer will track their goods conveni...

  • Warehousing Services Of LIDA
    • June 27. 2022

    With more than 10 years of experience in warehousing services and packaging services in more than 20 countries, LIDA's warehousing services can offer specific storage and package service that will optimize their logistics flow and improve their productivity. If you are ready to look for a perfect long-term partner, LIDA will be the best choice. We are always ready for implementing our task. Call u...

  • The reasons why you choose bonded warehouses in China
    • June 06. 2022

    Choosing the China bonded warehouses is wise and vital for every business. Here are some reasons for you to consider: 1.You goods will be secured Every trader wants their inventory to get safe and complete. The ultimate purpose of the bonded warehouse is  to store the inventory. Shenzhen bonded warehouses have strict surveillance system. Storing goods in Shenzhen warehouses is very safe and r...

  • 6 primary processes of warehousing service
    • July 04. 2022

    Warehousing service is very essential for every business in every trade activity. There are six fundamental warehouse processes, including receiving, putaway, storage, picking, packing and shipping. And the six processes are needed to be optimized in our warehousing service. 1. Receiving It is the first step in our warehousing service and also one of the most crucial. It is very important for us t...

  • Why choose our warehousing service?
    • July 04. 2022

    Because we are proud of our warehousing service, at the most reasonable prices, our warehousing services are known nationwide to be one of the most reliable and safe. Our warehouses are located in Futian Free Zone of Shenzhen and we ensure there is no additional cost you need to bear during and before transport of freight. We not only provide a variety of warehousing services including storage, or...

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