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How does the bonded warehouse in China work?

  • 2022-06-06 14:26:30

Bonded warehouses in China work like other warehouses. Here are basic steps that indicate how the bonded warehouses work:

1.Collecting inventory

The first and foremost step is receiving inventory from your suppliers. The staff of bonded warehouses in China will collect the stock from your suppliers. They are all active in this aspect.

2.Storage for a specific period

You can store your goods for longer periods. If you have a specific period, you should let the team know. But when you store your goods for an indefinite time, it is important for you to take security, quality control and safety of products into account.

3.Packing of items

Pack different goods with suitable packing. After packing, your goods are ready for dispatch.

4.Sending to specific destinations

The last step is to ship the products to locations. That is what happens at the last step in a bonded warehouse.

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