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Looking for a suitable bonded warehouse in China

  • 2022-05-23 11:47:08

LIDA is providing some logistics services. LIDA has a bonded warehouse in China. It is located in Futian Bonded Area.

Storing your goods in our bonded warehouse, you will get more convenience and favour.

If you are exporting goods to China, then using a bonded warehouse in China is a no-brainer. Cooperating with LIDA's bonded warehouse won't have to pay any import-duty on products you export, helping you save time and money.

In addition, our bonded warehouse is closer to Hong Kong, an important place to distribute goods. It means you can store your goods near the port and distribute them when required. This reduces the freight cost, potential damage and carbon emissions.

At LIDA, we are authorised to operate bonded warehouses. And we assure that we will benefit our customers. They can enjoy the benefits above. Finally, if you have something interested, please contact us at any time to find more about our bonded warehouse.

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