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The strengths of cooperating with bonded warehouses

  • 2022-05-23 11:42:50
Working with a bonded warehouse will be helpful for companies to safely and legally deliver their goods to customers. The goods stored in the bonded warehouses are well taken care of and documented. There are some strengths of a bonded warehouse:

1. Duty and tax payments can be deferred or avoided

It is possible for you to defer VAT payment and other duty taxes in bonded warehouses until the goods are released for delivery to the buyer. And, if the goods are unsold, they can be exported without paying the export duties at all.

2. Facilities are convenient to store goods

Bonded warehouses can store different kinds of products according to their types. Freezers, dry containers and other types of facilities will be available in a bonded warehouse.

3. Bonded warehouses secure your products

A bonded warehouse must be equipped with regular safety measure. Goods in the bonded warehouses must be fully documented. Safety monitors  inspects the space 24 hours a day, so you don't need to worry about your goods.

4. Convenient logistics service

Most bonded warehouses are closer to major ports and airports. Using these bonded warehouses will save money across the entire supply chain by reducing transport cost or potential damage.

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