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Bonded warehouses in China

  • 2020-07-02 10:50:45

Bonded warehouses in China

Learn more about the bonded warehouse (LIDA bonded warehouse) in China, and learn how it relates/ benefit to the warehousing, storage, packing, shipping service and the order fulfillment for your goods in China.

Key Points:

(1) Companies could use bonded warehouses in China to store their oversea products without duty/Tax and import licenses involved.

(2) Companies could shipping their products to Chinese customers and oversea customers legally and safely.

(3) Each bonded warehouse in China would have different management rules.

If your business has grown to where it would need to store your products in an overseas warehouse where it is near to china, you would have an option of using a bonded warehouse in China.

The Benefits of using a bonded warehouse in China.

Key Points:

(1) bonded warehouse in China is a secure storage space which is under Chinese customs laws. All of the products in bonded warehouse are well taken care of and under supervised.

(2) No duty and Taxes need to be paid until the products are requested to deliver to your Chinese buyers. So you could have LIDA bonded warehouse to release the products to your Chinese customers after you get the payment settled from your Chinese customers. It helps you to full control of your payments. If the products would be sold to other countries instead of Chinese customers finally, they could be exported directly without Duty and Tax involved.

(3) Faster delivery time to your customers.

(4) Professional customs application team. LIDA china bonded warehouse have their professional customs application team would help you finish the customs operation in china.  You do not need to take much time to understand the Chinese customs law.

(5) LIDA bonded warehouse offers additional logistics solutions. It would have access to a complete logistics solution to your business. As a bonded warehouse, LIDA is providing: bonded warehousing service, Airfreight service, shipping service, Picking, Packing service, Labeling service. etc.

How LIDA bonded warehouse can Help:

A bonded warehouse in China (LIDA bonded warehouse in China) is a secure place to have the products which intended for export or the products which come from other countries which would allow you to delay the payment of customs duties and taxes.

It is easier and more profitable for some businesses such as re-export business, duty-free packaging, duty-free warehousing and order fulfillment purposes. It is fast, easy to setup, and the cost is lower.

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