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What is the definition of B2B Order Fulfillment?

  • 2022-04-28 08:56:59

B2B Order Fulfillment is relatively more complicated than B2C in some cases. B2B(business-to-business) order fulfillment is the relationship between wholesale suppliers and retailers where bulk orders will continuously supply products or goods timely. In B2B order fulfillment, products will be delivered to businesses or a retailer directly. Usually, B2B fulfillment is characterized by considerably high order quantities which make businesses don't have to make purchase for more orders frequently.

Nowadays, accuracy and fast delivery are becoming more important in B2B order fulfillemnt. When cooperating with businesses, you should try your best to meet their compliance requirements such as tax rules, product restrictions, SKU codes, parcel labels or Quality Assurance. Due to the bulk orders, B2B order fulfillment will take a lot of money and time to be delivered. So you need to become very familiar with certain carrier information including freight, insurance, some international trade barriers or subsidies. What's more, the shipment should be arranged as quickly as possible to meet orders in time.

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