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The differences between B2C or B2B Order Fulfillment

  • 2022-05-07 09:15:49

Actually, there are some differences between B2B and B2C order fulfillment. The differences mainly include order and unit volume, shipping methods, Payments, cost or fulfillment speed.                                          1.Order and unit volume

B2B order fulfillment usually needs larger shipments because B2B shipments are generally large-scale volume, but bought in fewer orders. Retailers will restock their inventory through making bulk orders. B2C purchases usually have smaller items, but delivered directly to different customers living in different locations.

2.Shipping methods

For B2B order fulfillment involves larger shipments, the shipping methods and fulfillment of B2B orders will be more complicated. Due to an amount of goods, B2B orders are usually shipped by freight and air. Sometimes, we can pack the B2B goods in boxes if the products are very small.                                        3.Payments

B2B orders are based on relevant contracts agreed upon period of time. The B2B payments include credit, exchange or CODs(cash on delivery). For B2C, customers will pay at the time of purchasing by credit card, check or cash.


B2B orders involve larger shipments, more expensive items and labor equipment so that B2B order fulfillment will cost more than B2C order fulfillment.

5.Fulfillment speed

B2B order fulfillment is very time-sensitive. If there are not some strict regulations, B2B orders will get delivered  on time  in normal conditions. Shipping the goods on time  can build a solid trust with businesses and retailers who cooperate with you.

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