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Warehousing services for safe storage

  • 2022-06-27 10:49:13

If you cooperate with a warehousing company, you will hope to get the best warehousing service from four aspects below. 

1. Secured warehousing service

LIDA promises to offer secured and convenient storage in regional distribution centers and forward stocking locations across the globe.

2. Inbound logistics

We check your goods for damage and defects. We will arrange specific personnels to inspect the goods in our warehouses and ensure all products are stored accurately. This service also includes registration and quarantine procedures. 

3. Order fulfillment 

LIDA owns reliable, efficient and fast shipment preparation. This helps our customers fulfill an order successfully. It includes packing, staging, checking and loading. 

4. Inventory management

we help you achieve low stockholding and high performance for your inventory management. And you will have insight into your stock and goods flows through a personalized dashboard.   

LIDA will support your inventory management safely with the best warehousing service.

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